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james burton and elvis

Wed / Dec / 2020

Q: Where were you when you received the news of Rick’s plane crash? That was exactly a year before Rick died in a plane crash in De Kalb, Texas, very close to my hometown in Shreveport. Well that song was one, also ‘Susie-Q’ and another song, remember ‘Early Morning Rain’? We played in Australia in 1959; we were also present in Hawaii that year during the ceremony establishing Hawaii as the 50th state. with his prestige and everything . Rick turned out to be a great guy to be around and play music with. It was from Rick Nelson, who had invited me over to the General Service Studios. J.B – Thank you & I’m really looking forward to coming over to Australia again playing with the band and spending some time meeting people. He says "Hey, let’s record that! So I was really supposed to be on that plane that killed Otis and the band – but having to stay back for the overdubs on ‘Dock Of The Bay’ saved my life! I had to make a tough decision to go with Elvis when he called and asked me to put a band together and go to Vegas with him, because I didn’t want to lose all my clients. Elvis held his family values highly. James Burton Interview - Rick Nelson & Elvis: 'Live A Little, Love A Little' FTD Soundtrack Review: 'If I Can Dream' Elvis with the RPO - In-depth CD Review: Is 'From Elvis In Memphis' the only Elvis album you need to own? We were traveling doing sold-out tours just like Elvis, and the screaming kids would yell, "Run over me, Ricky! At that first rehearsal with him, he came in and we shook hands and talked like we'd known each other for years. EIN – Thank you so much for talking with us and make sure that you enjoy the rest of your birthday. Rick was on the verge of being a real gigantic superstar. Then we would come down and Elvis would be singing and we'd put the horns in with the track. James Burton: I suggested ‘Fools Rush In’, that was my fault! I think about him so often. They were trying to tear the car up, turn it over, but we managed to get out alive. You know, I’ve come a real long way from when my parent’s house used to back up to a cotton patch and I practised my trumpet - since I thought that it was the only way I knew that might get me out of there. An obscure one is "The Nearness of You," a really cool standard on the Rick Nelson Sings "For You" album in December 1963. We would tell him what we wanted, and that was cool. EIN – I loved the story of your early days when you went motor-cycling with Ricky Nelson, Eddie Cochran & Gene Vincent! On that special, there were people such as Elvis Costello, Tom Waits, K.D. You know the single we did ‘Promised Land’? Ronnie Tutt always laughs with me & says “Man, I’d never play any of these songs this fast!” However we do realise that it’s, like, 30 years later though! ‘Suspicious Minds’ was also an emotional subject for Elvis at that time as well and it was a thrill to be involved in those songs, knowing that they would be so important to his future career as they were. James Burton September 4 at 8:31 AM Hey guys, It’s Labor Day weekend and I’m so excited to announce it’ ... s a “Play It James” Labor Day Weekend on Elvis SiriusXM Radio with a new episode of The James Burton Elvis Radio Hour, featuring John Carter Cash and classic episodes with our friends Bryan May, Sammy Hagar and Tanya Tucker! Elvis was also a great gospel singer because he loved it and truly believed it. There you can also find out about how to purchase Wayne’s handwritten sheet music of the legendary horn parts to his classic songs, including ‘Dock of the Bay’, and ‘Suspicious Minds.’, For more info click here to go to Wayne Jackson's 'Sweet Medicine Music', Click here for EIN's interview with James Burton. Then we would also go with Elvis twice a year to The Hilton to play Vegas. . EIN – When you look at footage of Elvis in concert you can see that he spontaneously changes songs around. I remember Jimmie wrote my solo down for "Hello Mary Lou." By the time he was seventeen, Rick's musical idol, Elvis Presley, was taking the nation by storm, so Rick decided that he also wanted to be a rock and roll star. While the majority of fans only recall James Burton's work with Elvis, it is appropriate that the 25th anniversary of Rick Nelson’s death turn the spotlight back to James’ early collaboration with one of his best friends. Q: What about The Shindogs. The first time I actually heard Elvis sing ‘In the Ghetto’ however I was quietly sitting with my horn and looking at the music. EIN – You’ve done a lot of touring in your time. Playing with The Memphis Horns, Wayne's sweet trumpet is one of the most recognised soulful sounds in the last 50 years of pop music. Well Chip Young and I were just sitting in Studio B and playing around with the melody and both on acoustic guitars. We went every time Elvis opened. W.J – I sure have. "That’s All," a fine ballad from June ’59, remember that one? Bob gave us his blessing and said, "Boys, I’m gonna miss you.". You know how some of the die-hard fans can be, they’d just as soon have Rick or Elvis run over ‘em in a car, they don’t care. Joe Arnold who is a great saxophone player used to play with us too. But I definitely remember playing it with Elvis and I think that we did eventually put it down. When you look back at the great songs that he sang, like ‘In The Ghetto’ and ‘If I Can Dream’ he was a truly great singer. I couldn’t even pick one up! Please tell all the fans to come and say “Hello” and we’ll try and arrange an autograph session for them all! James Burton: Oh yeah, absolutely. Of course in retrospect now I wish I hadn't! Ozzie offered us a lot more money to stay over and do the shows, but we said, "No, we wanna go home." I think that’s pretty damn good. He says ”Hey, let’s record that! I really miss Ricky too, you know. He was such a wonderful guy. We only got paid strictly Union rates. Turn the machines on boys!" (Right; Circa 1965, great photo of James Burton sporting a goatee). J.B – I actually remember us messing around with ‘Susie-Q’ in the studio but I don’t know whether they actually got any of it on tape. EIN – How did Chips Moman’s session work out since there were a lot of overdubs. The impersonators just don’t have it. We would be playing poker upstairs while they were cutting tracks downstairs. If it wasn’t for family over here I could get lost down there! J.B – I am just honoured. Join us for a very special event, James Burton: Celebrating 80 Years of His Life and Music, to close out Elvis Week on Sunday, August 18, at The Guest House at Graceland Theater. Now that is not good! J.B – Mick called me and said that he had an idea of doing some shows and would we be interested in performing with him. He invited me to come back and be Rick’s lead guitar player, which I thought was pretty cool. There were just certain things you couldn’t talk about, he was easy to blush, a lot of times when I’ve done interviews, people would ask, "How come Rick closes his eyes when he sings?". But it was so hard to get any sleep there was always something to do. I was home maybe two weeks, and I got a phone call from Ozzie. He said, "Boys, that’s a great thing, I wish I could offer you more." The Memphis Horns still funky after all these years. Fifty-three Rick Nelson singles reached the Billboard Pop 100 chart. GO HERE to the Official James Burton website - full of current news and James Burton information. Elvis in 1969 - Ann Moses & Ray Connolly Interviews: Ernst Jorgensen interview about 'On Stage' and Elvis' Legacy in 2010: 'The Original Elvis Tribute 2010'- An Elvis band on Tour: Interview: Ian Fraser-Thomson (1969 Vegas Rehearsal Show), Review of FTD Book/CD Writing For The King, Book: Return of The King Elvis Presley's Great Comeback. James Burton: Richie Frost moved to Portland, Oregon, and I haven’t seen him in awhile. Selected back issues of FREE online newsletter. Many will have spotted the quiet man playing the pink paisley Tele on stage with Elvis during his famous Las Vegas 70s residency, but few seem to grasp the huge influence James Burton has wielded over the history of rock ’n’ roll. But deep down Elvis was a great example of what a Southern person was like. After years of constant, gruelling touring, and running away from his early success, Rick returned to his rockabilly roots by the dawn of the early 1980s, forming a new band led by guitarist Bobby Neal, drummer Ricky Intveld, pianist Andy Chapin, and bassist Patrick Woodward. My son’s ex-wife called to tell us the news, but I didn’t take the call. W.J – Next door was a restaurant & upstairs there was kid of a holding area. J.B – That is so correct. TCB! Only seventeen years old, the same age as Rick, James Burton had already contributed one of the greatest solos on record to Dale Hawkins’ "Suzie Q," backed up scores of artists on the Louisiana Hayride, and subsequently joined country/rockabilly star Bob Luman. In 1975, Emmylou Harris had hired both James and Glen D. Hardin for her Hot Band. Packed out every night! "I opened up the case, and it smelled like oil and brass. I just got a chill up my spine hearing that. Rick’s two sons, Gunnar and Matthew, performed at the very first James Burton International Guitar Festival in 2005. On our break we’d go outside and hang around with Elvis or whoever was with him in the parking lot. We had a home out in the valley in Tarzana, out in Canoga Park, so the next day James Kirkland jumped up and ran outside to get the newspaper. I have some pretty good friends. The facility will showcase Burton's collection of guitars and classic cars as well as models from some of his celebrity friends. EIN – Thanks for sparing some of your valuable time & talking to us. I think Rick’s music is still very popular, and it’s just as good today as the day we recorded it. Please make sure you specify that the donation is towards the museum. Going back a bit, we had these little trailers at the back of the stage where we could hang out, get dressed, and keep our instrument cases.

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