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Wed / Dec / 2020

and, when you think nothing’s more certain, vanishes. Your body’s fitter for Venus than Mars. You yourself can see the sky blacker than pitch, and the strait. now she’ll reach out her lovely hand for you. Besides, white pigeons oft are mated with those of different hue, and the black turtle-dove, too, is loved by the bird of green.2 If none shall be yours unless deemed worthy of you for her beauty’s sake, then none shall be yours at all. EPISTLES 1 - 5. How much perfidy, vile wretch, would have perished with you, and how many woes been averted from my head! as Hippodamia came to Phrygian Pelops’s breast. and don’t shamefully make a prize of my honour. He rules the winds, alas! Venus who rose from the sea makes way on the sea for he lover. and pretend to be asleep with eyes closed. So, is it because of you my health is so uncertain. Fast and free shipping free returns cash on delivery available on eligible purchase. Still, be rather as you would be, than as you used to be before, and make your way here safely in a calm sea –. Often perfumes have dripped from his garlanded hair. HEROIDES CONTENTS. virgin, rather than that which the goddess remembers. where placid sheep, and she-goats that love the rocks. Choose, as you’ve wrought: don’t try to appease Diana. So why have you, who so often felt the power of love. I’m tossed about like a boat, that the unerring North Wind. twisting the threads drawn from the turning spindle. Ovid's Heroides: A New Translation and Critical Essays: Murgatroyd, Professor of Classics Paul, Reeves, Bridget, Parker, Sarah: Selecteer uw cookievoorkeuren We gebruiken cookies en vergelijkbare tools om uw winkelervaring te verbeteren, onze services aan te bieden, te begrijpen hoe klanten onze services gebruiken zodat we verbeteringen kunnen aanbrengen, en om … Though you have another contract now with identical words. EPISTLES 11 - 15. and also, because of it, Troy had a day of festival. and hindering that scarcely fortunate journey. But after I descried no more either you or your flying sails, and what my eyes rested on was naught but only sea, the light, too, went away with you, the darkness rose about me, my blood retreated, and with failing knee I sank, they say, upon the ground. EPISTLES 6 - 10. My father rules Asia, there’s no richer region. In this one place my pen fails. You are suited to hurling about great ships with your might. Now go on telling me of the distant origin of the Phrygian race, I admire them: but he who’s your greatest glory is fifth in line. and the journey seemed to be made in an idle boat. Theseus snatched you, the Twins took the daughters of Leucippus: I’ll be numbered there too, as a fourth example. you didn’t spend your time with a rival, captive, in idleness. Briseis to Achilles 4. 7. And when the day’s here, that was chosen by my dear parents. Hers holds Ephyre,2 washed by two seas; mine, all the country which lies along the left strand of the Pontus e’en to the snows of Scythia. For all your talk and tales of brave deeds. but father and mother stopped me, asking for my prayers. The wifely love I bore you has torn at my faithful heart. True you are worthy of the heavens, but linger still on earth. you would indeed seek to forgive my words. Why did I cross the threshold? and it was bright as day in the silent night. do you act in such a way that she can never be yours? Now, to please my lady, I labour to swim. and perhaps he touches your breast, and kisses you: that reward is too much for his services. With the rest of the Greek fleet, which was under divine displeasure because Agamemnon had killed a stag in the grove of Diana. 6. did only the girl give her name to the desolate waters? and Aethra brings me news of what they say. solitary, crowded with pines and holm-oaks. [123] But do thou, O Lynceus, if thou carest aught for thy sister, and art worthy of the gift I rendered thee, come bear me aid; or, if it pleases thee, abandon me to death, and, when my body is done with life, lay it in secret on the funeral pile, and bury my bones moistened with faithful tears, and let my sepulchre be graved with this brief epitaph: “Exiled Hypermnestra, as the unjust price of her wifely deed, has herself endured the death she warded from her brother!”. Who would be willing to return homeward with the wind saying nay? I know nothing of them. And if you should compare the risk to each. Then, both my arms growing weary, at the shoulder. I don’t greatly fear that the winds will delay my prayers. and I’ll be rich in heaped weights of gold! so I am afraid of those other two, if your boast is true. If you were so resolved to leave my side, you could have gone in more becoming wise. It’s more that you love me, that I’m the reason for your labours. Nothing’s done by artifice: only by the means to swim. Let her make merry and be joyful over my faults! I felt the whole of both cheeks had reddened. Take away afar, deluded Hymenaeus, they wedding-torches, and fly with frightened foot from these nefarious halls! Ah me! why was the ship from the forests of Pelion ever driven over the seas by strong young arms in quest of the ram of Phrixus? He swims: but the same wave. brought to your chaste hands, when I threw it to you: there you’ll find you promised that which I’d wish for you. while the rest of the sheet was indicated by my right hand. Penelope to Ulysses 2. On the field I counted it out – that field which you had to plough before you could bear away the fleece. Only give yourself: so you’ll know Paris is faithful: the flame of my funeral pyre alone can end these flames. and we beguile the long wait with feminine art. You and I too come to this struggle with different feelings: our hopes are not equal, are fears are not the same. Hermione to Orestes 9. What is Lesbos now to me? I a girl, taken in, scarcely aware of trickery? Fate did not permit me to shed o’er thee the tears I owed, nor to bear to thy tomb the shorn lock; I have not bent o’er thee, nor culled the kiss from thy cold lips. Canace to Macareus that’s ashamed to speak of things it delights in doing. has been discovered, that harnesses the great gods. Online meetings will take place daily 8:30 a.m. to 12:00 noon, Eastern time US, with a break in the middle. Often I’d have drowned my passion in wine, but it grew. and ponder the reason for your delayed passage: or I watch the sea stirred by hostile winds. would be a source of troublesome fear to you. Perhaps because Neptune’s hero, Theseus, took me by force. so as to take advantage of my foolish husband. and each return, once more, to the cities we came from: that would be little, but better than nothing at all. they gain strength right away, and strain for the prize. My witness be Juno, ward of the rites of wedlock, and the goddess in whose marble shrine we stand!”. To think that Jove’s the father-in-law of this house! Euripides wrote a Medea, and was followed by Ennius, Accius, and Ovid himself, whose play is lost, and Seneca. ‘Tis shame I had not in my misery the right to die! just like your apple was, I recall to mind. On this I look, and hold it to my heart in place of my real lord, and complain to it, as if it could speak again. I recognize the kisses – close caresses of the tongue – which you were wont to take and wont to give. (The Loeb Classical Library.) to old Priam, and he in turn to his seers. You must either alter your beauty or be less harsh: Chastity conflicts with great loveliness. He’s all in gold, and driving a team of horses!” Then straight I rent my cloak and beat my breast and cried aloud, and my cheeks were at the mercy of my nails. that’s called by the name of her hated step-daughter? Cydippe, I fear to tell you the truth. he throws away the wreathes, tearing them from his brow. Which to follow’s in doubt: one is proper: the other gives joy. as when Cytherea came to me for judgement. though not total, because Menelaus is away. shows its bright stars, driving away the daylight. But see to it she enquires who I might be and what: let her discover the goddess is looking out for you. Ariadne to Theseus. his torch is barely alight with quivering flame. and hide the letter I’ve started, against my anxious breast. But Sparta’s tiny, you’re worthy of a wealthy culture: that place is not beneficial to your beauty. What shall I do, unhappy that I am? “Why betray thy fault?” said the ancient dame who knew my secret, and stopped my crying lips. and you were seen to be a prize worthy of such a hero. Let me be naive, then, as long as I’m not smeared with shame. Why should such a crime fail of its reward? she, as you might guess, is the one by whom love’s stirred. Scarce your sire Iphiclus, scarce mine, the aged Acastus, scarce my mother, stricken with grief, could bring me back to life with icy-cold. And you’d return my pledge of faith, lest I be joined to you. I’d have embarked with him, except that when he cast off. Perhaps indeed you might make me swear a contrary oath. but a worse grief to be absent from your face. Be that the concern of the god who now embroils my heart! and the sun desires to unyoke his bright horses. the slackened thread fell from my hands in sleep. The Thracians seized Orythia, Erectheus’s daughter. I wish you could rightly compel, what you wrongly persuade! and calls me his with a humble expression. and golden-haired Laodice, and Celaeno, received in heaven. when my eyelids lie conquered by tranquil sleep. Charles Simmons, The Metamorphoses of Ovid, Books XIII and XIV, 13.507 Cross-references to this page (2): P. Ovidius Naso, Art of Love, Remedy of Love, Art of Beauty, Court of Love, History of Love, Amours , A Note on the Translations [123] You, Phaon, are my care; you, my dreams bring back to me – dreams brighter than the beauteous day. You don’t know my worth, and my strength’s deceptive: you, who’ll be his future bride, don’t know the man. Ovid's Heroides: A New Translation and Critical Essays: Murgatroyd, Paul, Reeves, Bridget, Parker, Sarah: Books My blood retreated, warmth left my body and soul, and on my newly-wedded couch all chill I lay. Is there less deadlines in the blade – my funeral gift! And if it chance thou dost not disdain a Pelasgian suitor – but how can I hope the gods will be so facile to my wish? 2. and the love we wish to conceal wouldn’t have been hidden. and my fatigue’s not helped by any doctor’s cure. [89] Words like these – and how slight a part of them is here! might be wounded by striking my body so furiously. claim my service, as we swore, in complete faith. But the fates aren’t kind: why now would they delay my pledge. a statue of fresh marble looks like this: the silver set out on the table is the same. In the same way as I cause your anger, I’ll ease it. She’ll hear, and recalling what she’s heard, she’ll ask. to the straits, and weeps for her drowned child, with the water’s flow: or Ino, the stepmother, now a sea-goddess, stirs the sea. he kissed me, saying: ‘Care for the house, and business, and for the Trojan guest.’. It’s true he sailed for Crete with a following wind: but don’t think everything is as you’d wish! Inachus, Io, Epaphus, Libya, Belus, Danaus – was their descent. She put rings on my fingers, gold in my hair. Naught is Anactorie to me, naught Cydro, the dazzling fair; my eyes joy not in Atthis as once they did, nor in the hundred other maids I have loved here to my reproach; unworthy one, the love that belonged to many maids you alone possess. and let whatever on earth pleases you be yours! And more misery, that when I’m far away from there. Why didn’t you dare to come? and slow oxen, with open mouths, won’t graze: There I was, leaning against a tree, gazing down, on the walls, and high roofs of Troy, and the sea –, behold, the earth seemed to me to shake, at the tread of many feet –, I speak the truth, scarcely having had faith it was true –. I hurried to see Delos, stirred by the fame of the place. There, and in person, as she was, she noted your words. But if your pleasure be to fly afar from Pelasgian Sappho – and yet you will find no cause for flying from me – ah, at least let a cruel letter tell me this in my misery, that I may seek my fate in the Leucadian wave! Their resemblance to you is all too great, and I am touched by the likeness; and as often as I see them, my eyes drop tears. that you’re accustomed to suffer whenever you try to deceive. There’s a place in the midst of the valleys of wooded Ida. And sudden strength returned to my weary arms. Why blush before you start? Briseis to Achilles 4. ‘Nurse, do you think my joy has left his house now. My father may burn me with the flame1 I would not violate, and hold to my face the torches that shone at my marriage rites; or he may lay to my throat the sword he falsely gave me, so that I, the wife, may die the death my husband did not die – yet he will not bring my dying kips to say “I repent me!” She is not faithful who regrets her faith. I envy Phrixus, carried safely over stormy seas. of my secret heart, cease with my weary fingers. What good is it to me that no great width of sea divides us? The words of well-told tales meet ever with such stops as this; more ready for report is the tongue refreshed by sweet delay. leaving the tower, I seek the cold shore. Without calling to mind her virtues, worthy of the gods. Cupid himself will be helmsman, sitting upon the stern; himself with tender hand will spread and furl the sail. My body burns with fever. [107] What crime could the babe commit, with so few hours of life? Now I remember, when the sea was no less, or a little less. Am I to dress my hair, while his head is weighed down by the helm? This, too, moves me, that the winds forbid your keels to fare forth – yet you make ready to sail despite the seas. So when day’s done, and night’s more friendly hour. Ovid Heroides and Amores: with an English Translation by Grant Showerman (English Edition) eBook: Ovid, Showerman, Grant: Kindle Store It’s no wonder, with this compelling beauty. Go now, wretch, compare with that your wealth of Sisyphus! 3. take away my life from me, your hope of me from you? [21] ‘Tis some pleasure to reproach the ungrateful with favours done. I care not now to let my hair be dressed, nor does it pleasure me to be arrayed in robes of gold.

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